By Rail
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How to get here by Rail

The primary rail route from the UK to France is via Eurostar across the channel. It is possible to travel from London to Lisle via Eurostar and then change to a French Rail (SNCF) service for onward travel to Perpignan. This usually invoves a further change at Avignon for the final leg of the journey. It is not usually the shortest journey time but it will avoid crossing Paris between stations. However you will usually find that there is only one train available from London which will enable you to complete this route in the same day.

The faster rail route is to take the Eurostar to Paris (Gare du Nord) and then take a taxi or the RER from there to Gare de Lyon where you can catch a direct train (many are the fast TGVs) to Perpignan.

Whichever rail route that you choose to take we can arrange to pick you up from or take you to Perpignan station, which is about 25 minutes away.