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Castelnou is a medieval hill fort, now a picturesque chateau, with a restaurant and art gallery atop one of the most photographed villages in SW France.

Collioure was the favourite town for artists such as Picasso who came here to paint the ‘Cote Vermeille’. Today you will find artists out on the quay side capturing the scenic beauty of the harbour.

Perpignan is a walker’s city because nowhere is far away. There are many cafes and restaurants and interesting small shops located behind the Castillet. The Palace of the Kings of Majorca looks down over the city, remembering the time when it was the capital of Catalonia. Every Thursday in August you are treated to free concerts in many of the city’s squares.

Carcassonne is a well known and liked city because it offers both the modern and the ancient. The medieval city, now restored, is one of the best examples of its type and has been used as a backdrop in a number of feature films. In the summer its narrow streets are crowded with visitors. The modern city is lively and has good shopping and dining facilities.

Dali Museum at Figueres is a short drive once you cross the Spanish border. The museum was once a theatre which burnt down and Dali saw it as a fitting place to build his museum. There are galleries and open spaces which display the works of Dali as he intended.

Barcelona, Spain’s second city, is just over two hours away. The city has a vibrant air which is gained from its art, culture and social life that other cities envy.

The Yellow Train runs from Villefranche-de-Conflent up and over the mountains to Latour-de-Carol, the highest point being Mont Louis at 1,600m. The four carriage trains run daily and offer stunning views as the train clings to the mountainside and crosses wide gorges.

Andorra is a two hour drive. This trip is along very twisting and winding roads. The reward for making the trip is shopping at tax free prices for perfumes, designer clothes and luxury goods. But be aware that Andorra is not within the EU.

Prades has one of the largest street market in the area which is held on Tuesday mornings. It is also well known for its summer music festival, founded by Pablo Casals.

Prats-de-Mollo is a favourite base for hill walkers. During the summer there are daily reenactments of battles for the town staged at Fort Lagarde which looks down from its rocky position. Fort Lagarde is open to the public from April to November